Frequently Apped Questions: 

Ladybug Band, One Present, Please?, Pass a Present


How can I make the fire pop and crackle?

Just drag the yellow dot along the line to the end.

Are the turtles supposed to do something?

No, but don't miss the coconut on the page!

On the swirling sands page, how can I erase and draw again?

Just shake your device to erase and try again!

When I try to playback my recording, nothing plays.

You don't have your microphone turned on in the app.  Delete the app completely from your device, re-download it, and click OK when it asks to use your microphone.

When I sing, I sound far away in the recording.

Stand closer to the microphone on your device.


The Hidden Pictures are so detailed it's hard to find the items. 

You can pinch and enlarge the screen to see the items better. This is especially handy on smaller screens.

Why can't I find Pass a Present in the App Store?

Pass a Present is getting finishing touches and will launch officially on November 12th, 2016. Please note that Pass a Present is a phone app only, so it will not show up in the App Store on an iPad. It will also be available through Google Play for Android phones.

What is One Present FREE? 

If you search "rain boot media" on an iPad, you will see One Present FREE for download. This is a free app, a fun introduction to our feature app, One Present Please. It is not available for phones, only iPads. 

If I downloaded One Present Please on my phone, can I share it to my iPad?

As long as both devices are using the same Apple ID, yes, if you sync both to iCloud or your computer, the app should appear on both devices. 

Why can't I skip ahead and open other presents?

The first time this book app is played, the presents must be opened in order. You can play any of the presents that have a glowing button on page 2. After all the days are unlocked, you can choose whichever day you want. 

On Day 5, what am I supposed to do for the game?

That is a Simon Says game. Let the game go first, and you copy the pattern. 

I can't get the sled to follow my finger in the maze game. 

Try tapping the path in front of the sled to lead it to the bottom. 

The sled got stuck in some trees. 

Just tap in front of the sled to turn it in the right direction, then tap in front of it to move and steer it. 

What if a puzzle piece is on top of the start over button?

Try to move it off, but you may have to start the puzzle over if it triggers the button. 

What if I get stuck in a game? How can I get out of the app and pick a new day?

The little house graphic in the top left corner always takes you to the title page.

Will the Pass a Present app work on my iPad?

No because it sends gifts via text messaging. That app is only for phones, but they can be Android OR IOS.