We create interactive storybooks!

Rain Boot Media is a brand new company based in Kansas City. We contract app developers and programmers from all around the globe to make our storybooks playable on screens. CEO, Becky Pashia, oversees the development of every page of every product, to be sure it is the best quality it can be. 

Meet our Kid Review Board, proud testers of all Rain Boot Media products. They tell us what's fun and what's NOT so fun, and give us great ideas. They rated One Present, Please? 5 out of 5 stars!!! (after a few small tweaks of course). 


Rebecca Pashia
Founder, Chief Executive Officer

    Becky has been a painter and writer for twenty-five years. Although her art collectors and painting students are often adults, her passion is to spark creativity in children. Her stories and theme-based art camps for children use both the Fine and Visual Arts to help kids "see" in a new way, think creatively, and express themselves knowing there are no mistakes.
     Becky has immense respect for the mind of a child—so bright, innocent, and imaginative. She hopes to challenge and educate young minds in an entertaining way. For years, with many manuscripts and project ideas stacked in the corner, she has been waiting for kids and schools to embrace technology. Her stories needed to be "interactive." Well, that time has come. 
    As Rain Boot Media grows, she plans to offer many high quality book apps for kids and their families with the help of her talented team. What inspires her? Her three sons, each brilliant and a part of every project in their own unique ways.   

contact: becky@rainbootmedia.com

Tim Kelly
Chief Financial Officer

 Tim joined Becky to launch Rain Boot Media as the CFO. He has provided operations and financial experience to start-ups and mid-sized companies, helping to lead and grow resources to ensure success. He has spent much of his recent professional career leading teams, implementing process improvement as well as integrating companies to achieve strategic goals.
    Tim is a problem solver and working with creative entrepreneurs to bring great ideas to reality. Tim has three kids ranging from high school down to elementary. When Tim's not cheering on his kids at soccer or band you'll find him hiking or camping or racing sailboats with his wife, Stefanie.

contact: tim@rainbootmedia.com