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Rain Boot Media is proud to make all 5 Scribble Shop shows available for kids to watch on youtube!  Kids ages 3 - 8 can get creative with both the visual and performing Arts, right along with Becky in the show.  Make our day by sending us YOUR artistic creations so we can display them on our gallery page:    Sing along with the original songs too!  Links to the songs are shown below.  

Our CEO created Scribble Shop LOONNGG before Rain Boot Media was born.  These shows were filmed in Kansas City, and only 4 people were on the entire production team.  Jack Hayhow, Bill Pryor, Bob Walkenhorst, and Rebecca Pashia.  They had a tiny budget for the pilot series of Scribble Shop, so Bob not only did the editing and music, but he was also Splatter.  Rebecca who wrote and created the shows, became Miss Creativity.  All though the show never made it to a successful network, the sincerity and creative content is more important today than ever before.  Booklist and School Library Journal gave the shows great reviews back when they were produced.  Teacher’s guides written by Kristin Erickson are available for all educators who need an indoor recess activity.  Simply email info@rainbootmedia for more information. 

Show #1: Pretzel

Show #2: Lollipop

Show #4: Broccoli

Show #3: Banana

Show #5: Cookie

Original Songs